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The Audio Tapes is now 5 months old and highlights so far include the Songwriting and Composition Techniques series which went on to feature on the Red Dog Music Blog, the review of Output Sounds - Analog Brass and Winds, and attending the Spitfire Audio launch of Hans Zimmer Strings at Air Studios.

As we move into the Summer months we will be expanding and delivering more content on a regular basis, this includes at least one new article each week for the rest of the year along with some added extras along the way including interview and reviews. Planned articles range from multiple part series including Music Production Tips and Creative Challenges to shorter topics investigating areas including Record Shopping, The Art of Listening and Productivity.

Thanks for your support and interest so far, I will also be continuing my collaboration with Red Dog Music blog writing some guest articles so keep your eye out for those too. In the meantime, if you would like to get in touch
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Red Dog Blog - Songwriting Techniques Summary

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As I mentioned in the final blog of the Songwriting Techniques series, I have been working with Red Dog Music Blog to create a summary article about the series, both parts are online now:

Part 1:

Part 2:

If you have any questions or would like to get in touch,
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Songwriting Techniques 10: Collaboration

For the final post of the Songwriting Techniques series we are going to look at different approaches to collaboration. If you enjoyed this series of articles then make sure you keep an eye out for a summary article which I am working on in collaboration with the Red Dog Music Blog. Read More…

Songwriting Techniques 9: Technology

Advances in technology have had a huge effect on the music industry and there are lots of resources available to assist and develop your songwriting. For the penultimate article of the Songwriting Techniques series the theme is ‘Technology’. Read More…

Songwriting Techniques 8: Lyrics

In part 8 of the Songwriting Techniques series we will be looking at ‘Lyrics'. This week is a bonus week with 10 ideas for you to try instead of the usual 5.

1. Rhyming can often be a key part of lyric writing, to help you find more interesting rhymes try using an online rhyming dictionary.

2. Once you have decided on a topic that you would like to write about, make a mind map featuring all the words that you think of that relate to the topic. You can then use these words to start writing your lyrics.

3. Pick up a newspaper and scan the articles for the headlines. Headlines make great song titles and can kick start your lyric writing. To push this idea further you can then read the story and use this as inspiration for your lyrics. There is a very famous Beatles song that uses this technique - see if you can work out which one it is!

4. It may be cliche, but try writing a love song. Love is a universal topic that everyone can relate to, that's why there are so many songs about love.

5. Remember that lyrics don't always have to make sense; artistic license allows you to write whatever you like, if it sounds catchy, go for it!

6. Try writing lyrics for a track out of completely made up words. This technique will enable you to focus on the sounds of the words you create and how they link together and with the song as a whole.

7. Take time to sit and read the lyrics from a range of songs, particularly those by songwriters who are considered ‘classics’. Why not set yourself the aim to read one set of lyrics each day or week.

8. Why not try write sad lyrics to an uplifting song or happy lyrics to a sad song. This juxtaposition adds intrigue for the listen to establish what they feel the song means or reflects.

9. If you have an idea for a melody but are struggling with lyrics, why not try singing it will random words that you feel fit with the melody. This will give you an idea of the vocal sounds and word structures that work with your idea. You can then go back over what you have recorded and replace the words.

10. Reading poetry can be a really useful way of exposing yourself to new lyric writing ideas. Pay particular attention to the word structures used and the way that words can be used to ‘paint a picture’ or images in your imagination.

Songwriting Techniques is a weekly article on The Audio Tapes where I share songwriting and composition tips, techniques and ideas for you to try. Each week will have a different theme and will include ideas for you to consider. If you would like to get in touch and share any tips of your own you can find me on Twitter @MDennyMusic or email Read More…

Songwriting Techniques 7: Instrumentation and Orchestration

In the latest article from the Songwriting Techniques series we will be looking at ‘Instrumentation and Orchestration’. Before we move on to this weeks 5 points to consider lets clarify the difference between instrumentation and orchestration.

Instrumentation is the term used to describe which instruments are used in a track. This could be a list of the instruments used, or they may be grouped into common ensembles such as ‘string quartet’ and ‘rock band’.

Orchestration is the term used to describe where each instrument or group of instruments is used in a track. For example, the piano may be played throughout the duration of the track, with strings and guitar only added during the chorus sections. Varying the orchestration throughout a piece gives the music a shape, keeping it interesting for the listener.
Read More…

Songwriting Techniques 6: Structure and Arrangement

In the latest article from the Songwriting Techniques series we will be looking at ‘Structure and Arrangement’. It is important to understand the function of the different sections of a song and how they can be built up and combined to create a finished song structure. Below is a list of common sections: Read More…

Songwriting Techniques 5: Rhythm

In the latest article from the Songwriting Techniques series we will be looking at ‘Rhythm’. The bass and drum parts form the foundation of the track and a strong rhythm section can make all the difference to your track. In this post we will be looking at how these sound sources can used when composing in various genres, here are this weeks 5 ideas of how to get your bass and drums parts working effectively together: Read More…

Songwriting Techniques 4: Harmony

In the latest article from the Songwriting Techniques series we will be looking at ‘Harmony’. Harmony is the term used to describe the chordal elements of a song, and a harmony is created when 2 or more notes are played simultaneously. Here are this weeks 5 points for you to consider: Read More…

Spitfire Audio - Special Event

Spitfire Audio - Special Event
Air Studios, Hampstead
Wed 28th February 2017


In the world of film, TV and media composition Spitfire Audio have established themselves as one of the market leaders producing exceptional and inspiration sample libraries. Alongside their products the company have an outstanding online presence with tutorials, interviews and Christian Henson’s vlog channel which have all contributed to an ‘Apple-esque’ hysteria surrounding the company. With this in mind, it was no surprise that when Spitfire announced that they were holding a ‘special event’ at Air Studios in London that tickets sold out almost immediately despite no one really knowing what they had purchased tickets for!

Spitfire Audio - Special Event Read More…

Review: Output - Analog Brass & Winds

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In this article I will be reviewing Analog Brass & Winds, the latest virtual instrument from the groundbreaking music production company Output. I will also be showcasing how I have utilised the instrument into the latest release from the Becquerel project.

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Review: Top Tracks of 2017

Every day in December 2017 I posted a track recommendation on my Twitter account, here is the list of all the tracks and the summary from Twitter for each. I hope you enjoy the selection and let me know what you think - you can find me on Twitter: @MDennyMusic Read More…

Welcome to The Audio Tapes

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Welcome to The Audio Tapes, a new music and creative industry blog launched in 2018 by composer and music producer Michael Denny. I will be posting a wide variety of content on the site including: Read More…